The rates for sharpening are $1.75 per inch for kitchen knives plus a $5.00 per total order service charge for orders dropped off at the UPS location and $5 for shipped orders, whether you're shipping three or thirty knives.


Broken tips can be reground and repaired for an additional cost of $6.00. If the tip is bent, I will attempt to straighten it. If it breaks in the course of straightening, I will repair it at an additional cost of $6.00. Only about 1 out of 20 knives break while straightening, so the odds are good that it won't need an additional repair.


There is no charge for straightening a bent tip, unless, of course, it breaks. Please call or email me with any questions you may have.


For drop-off orders at UPS locations, checks only, please.

For shipped orders, Visa or Mastercard only, please. Credit cards, checks or cash are accepted at the Greenwood storefront.


Knives can be shipped to the Greenwood storefront or dropped off at The UPS Stores or Greenwood. Knives that are dropped off at UPS must be both wrapped and in a box. Please see Shipping & Drop-off for shipping and drop-off details




Kitchen knife sharpening

Blade Thinning

(see explanation below)

Straight razors

Service Charge for knives shipped to UPS locations

Large bush shears

Small hand pruner

Service Charge for knives shipped to Seattle Knife business address


(same for any number of knives)





Scissors, tailor's shears

Pocket knife

(1 blade)

When a knife has been sharpened many times and sharpening has been concentrated only at the edge, eventually the blade edge will become "chunky" and will need to be "thinned out".


This process entails bringing the edge bevel up the side of the knife much further than is typical, essentially thinning the whole blade so that it can perform at optimal efficiency. The process is time consuming and takes considerable knowledge and skill to perform correctly.


If I feel that it is necessary in the case of your knife, I will call you in advance of this procedure to be sure you are comfortable with the added cost. If thinning is recommended, the cost will be substantially less than the cost of replacing the knife and well worth the investment.

Pocket knife

(2 blade)

Pocket knife

(3 blade)


Lawn mower blade

Cuisinart, Robot Coupe blade

Fixed blade hunting or tactical knives

New shipping box



$20.00 each

$16.00 each

$10.00 each

10.00 each

$10.00 each

$10.00 each

$8.00 each

$10.00 each

$12.00 each

$15.00 each

$9.00 each




Service Charge for knives dropped off at  UPS locations


(same for any number of knives)


(same for any number of knives)

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